Games of Chance Administration



Games of Chance performs administrative functions relating to:




  • deciding on the features of some games,such is games of chance in terms of the Law on games of chance
  • preparing expert basis for drafting legislation in the field of games of chance;
  • approval of the rules of games of chance;
  • keeping a register of organizers of games of chance;
  • participation in commissions for drawing and finding gains in lottery games of chance
  • controlling the capital and deposits of the organizers of the games by necessity,at least once in three months
  • issuing approval for holding risk-deposit insurance for payment of winnings in the special games of chance ;
  • consideration of bids due to competition for granting the concession for organizing games of chance, in accordance with the procedure for granting concessions and performing other professional activities related to granting concessions;
  • preparing proposals for the revocation of the concession;
  • performing evaluation of the validity of the prize fund for organizing reward winning games in goods and services
  • proposing legislation on other conditions that casino has to fulfill;
  • establishing a single financial software for betting;
  • issuing approval for changing the location of slot club or betting shop
  • issuing stickers for machines and tables
  • issuing of consent and performing of control on the organizers of reward winning games in goods and services
  • and other activities that are its jurisdiction










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